When Should I Get My Child Tested for Allergies?

Allergies are a group of diseases caused by immune hypersensitivity to harmless substances in the environment, food, skin, or asthma-related factors. When left undiagnosed or untreated, allergies can cause chronic hay fever symptoms, atopic dermatitis (skin rash), red eyes, shortness of breath, and other dangerous reactions. If your child has severe allergy symptoms such as recurrent wheezing, sinus infections, snoring, or sleep apnea, it may be worthwhile to consider testing for child allergies in McKinney, TX. To identify allergy triggers, our ABC Pediatrics doctors may recommend one of three tests: skin prick, patch, or blood.

When Should I Get My Child Tested For Allergies?

Our doctor at ABC Pediatrics will use allergy testing to determine if your child is allergic to pet dander, pollen, insect bites or stings, or certain foods such as peanuts. A child is never too young to test for allergies because minimizing symptoms and early detection can improve their quality of life. However, skin prick tests are recommended after six months of age. We recommend testing for child allergies in McKinney, TX, if your child has an upset stomach after eating a meal, itchy eyes, sneezing, post-nasal drip, or congestion, plus skin rashes, trouble breathing, or coughing. You should also consider testing if they experience tingling in the mouth, swelling of the lips, or hives after a meal. Our doctor will inquire about your child's medical history and when you first noticed symptoms in your child before conducting any testing.

Research says a child has a 75% chance of having allergies if both parents have them and a 50% chance of having allergies if one parent has them. Don't linger to rule out child allergies in McKinney, TX, and consult our doctors at ABC Pediatrics to determine which testing route best suits your child's needs. Visit our website for more information about allergies. To schedule an appointment for child allergies in McKinney, TX, call (972) 569-9904.

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