Understanding Your Child's Immunization Schedule

As a parent, it’s important that you do everything possible to protect your child from getting sick. The best way to prevent sickness is through preventative care. A big part of preventative care is immunizations. Through immunizations, your child will be protected from any germs and viruses they may come into contact with as they go to school or other places out in public. It’s important to stay on schedule and understand when your child needs certain immunizations and when they should be visiting their doctor. Your pediatricians at ABC Pediatrics in McKinney, TX, can make sure that your child is up to date and can explain the child immunizations schedule so that you know exactly what to expect.

Child Immunization Schedule

The first immunization your child will get is for hepatitis B and will be administered shortly after they’re born. After that, you can expect to visit your pediatrician multiple times a year until the age of 6 for checkups and immunizations. It’s important to discuss child immunization schedules with your pediatrician in McKinney, TX, to make sure that your child isn’t missing any important vaccines.

The common immunizations include:

  • Influenza
  • Measles
  • Meningitis
  • Hepatitis B
  • Rotavirus
  • Tetanus
  • Human papillomavirus

The first few immunizations that your child will receive will be for measles, meningitis, Hepatitis B, and rotavirus. Often, these are required before your child can participate in activities or attend school. As they get older, they’ll need to get the human papillomavirus after the age of 9.

Most immunizations are done after a few rounds and won’t need to be administered again. The only ones that you can expect your child to continue getting after the age of 18 are the flu shot and tetanus shot. The flu shot should be every year and the tetanus shot is every 10 years.

Contact Your Pediatrician Today

Make sure your child is protected. Contact your pediatricians at ABC Pediatrics in McKinney, TX, to find out about childhood immunizations and to make sure your child is up to date. Call for more information and to schedule an appointment today at (972) 569-9904.

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