Caring for Your Child With Autism

ABC Pediatrics's team of experts can help with autism in McKinney, TX. We understand that this process is often emotionally challenging for many parents and requires a lot of support. Here's what you need to know about therapy and how we can work together to help your child thrive.

Diagnosing Your Child

At ABC Pediatrics, we start by performing a series of tests that can diagnose your child's capabilities. The spectrum is broad and can include many different levels. Some children may only have slight difficulties understanding humor or connecting with others, while some could struggle to speak or communicate.

We need to know exactly where your child lies on the spectrum before treatment: and we'll make sure you better understand their capabilities too. These tests include cognitive exams and simple observation that gauge your child's behaviors and makes it easier for us to move on toward the treatment process.

Choosing Treatment

Once we have diagnosed your child's autism in McKinney, TX, we'll devise a suitable treatment for them. Many options may help here, including:

  • Behavioral and Communication Support: These programs help understand your child's behaviors and communication abilities and will teach you and them how to connect better and understand their needs more fully.
  • Educational Therapies: Many children on the spectrum need structured educational support to teach them important lessons, including reading and writing and common behavioral support techniques.
  • Speech Therapy: Speech therapy can often help young children talk more clearly and communicate their emotions more fully. This support may include occupational and physical therapy that helps your child progress effectively.

Your child may also get medications to help with some symptoms, such as extreme behavioral issues and mental health concerns. Other underlying health concerns, such as poor eating habits, will also be addressed to help your child live a healthier life.

What You Can Do  

While our team can provide the hands-on therapy your child needs, you must also help them at home. We'll talk with you about various steps you can take that will improve their lives, including:

  • Exercises with your child that help reinforce therapy 
  • Progress reports that gauge how well they're learning 
  • Crisis intervention if your child gets upset
  • Reports to us that help us gauge your child's development

Understand that your child's treatment will be a lifelong process. Our team is here to help them through every step of their maturity and will work with you to focus on their strengths.

Let Us Help You

At ABC Pediatrics, our McKinney, TX team can help your child's autism by providing hands-on therapy that can work you through this process together. Call us at (972) 569-9904 to learn more.

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